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XL Congreso: Barcelona, 23-26 de octubre de 2017

Congreso conjunto con las Sociedades francesa y portuguesa:

The 1st FEBS3+ Joint Meeting of the French-Portuguese-Spanish Biochemical and Molecular Biology Societies

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Workshop RW1: Teaching (SEBBM and SFBBM)

Meeting of the Biochemistry Teaching Group (SEBBM)

Lunes 23 de octubre, de 2.30 a 5 de la tarde

Coordinadores: Néstor V. Torres y Juan Antonio Aguilera

Mesa redonda / Round table:

New approaches and good practices in teaching molecular biosciences

Goals: The meeting is designed to facilitate reflection on the challenges of training in molecular biosciences, on the need to change the approach to teaching and learning and on proposals for good practices that contribute to the improvement of teaching. It is a question of what teaching techniques work better than others in the field of biosciences.

Structure of the round table: The session would have 7 presentations of 10 minutes each, followed by a debate, managed by a moderator. The remaining minutes will be devoted to discussing the interventions and will conclude with an intervention by the rapporteur who will summarize the most significant contributions.

The contents of the presentations are structured in two blocks. On the one hand there are those that will serve to define the general framework in which, at the level of ideas as well as educational spaces, the innovative activity in education in biosciences is currently developed. The other block consists of those in which examples of good practices aligned with the above are shown.

Expected results: The conclusions will be presented in an article on Approaches and Good Practices in Biochemistry Education which would cover aspects such as teaching and learning skills in molecular biosciences, curricular planning, ethical considerations and assessment and qualification procedures. Said document will be published through the SEBBM and SFBBM.

Moderator: Néstor V. Torres Darias
Dept. of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell Biology and Genetics; Universidad de La Laguna. Coordinator of the Group of Teaching of Biochemistry of the SEBBM. Ambassador for Education of the SEBBM in FEBS.

Rapporteur: to be determined


New models in the teaching of biosciences. Need for innovation.
Antonio Eff-Darwich : Dept. of Specific Didactics, Universidad de La Laguna.

Promotion of educational innovation in biosciences from European scientific societies.
Angel Herráez : Dept. of Systems Biology, Universidad de Alcalá. Coordinator of the Section "University Education" of the SEBBM Journal. Member of FEBS Education Committee.

Composing good practices on education.
Jean-Luc Souciet : Professeur émérite, Université de Strasbourg et CNRS. Member of FEBS Education Committee.

Relevance and impact of the formative profile of new students in science degrees in their progress and permanence (with special attention to their biological and molecular results).
Rodrigo Trujillo González : Dept. of Mathematical Analysis, Universidad de La Laguna.

Problem-based learning as a strategy for teaching biosciences. Application to metabolism.
Miguel Ángel Medina Torres : Dept. of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Universidad de Málaga.

Didactic treatment of mathematical contents in the teaching of Molecular Systems Biology: an experimental approach.
Hilario Ramírez Rodrigo : Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I, Universidad de Granada.

Interacting with students in situ and in domum to stimulate regularity of learning.
Magali Blaud1 and Xavier Coumoul2 : 1. Dept. of Biological and Medical Sciences, Université Paris Descartes. 2. Faculté des Sciences Fondamentales et Biomédicales, Université Paris Descartes.


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