Two initiatives of the European Proteomics Association (EUPA) that will take place in 2010:

The 4th EuPA Scientific Meeting: “2010 – A Proteomic Odyssey Towards Next Decades

23-27 October 2010, Estoril, Portugal.
We are hoping that the speakers and the attends share and discuss their personnel overview of proteomics progress and achievements during this 21st Century’s first decade as well as their expectations and concerns about the future of proteomics and its impact in their particular research area.


1st Contest and Exhibition in Proteomics Photo & Graphic Art.

This contest seeks to explore the aesthetic qualities and potential artistic merit of images produced during proteomics research. The aim is to capture the general public attention to Proteomics and its importance for our understanding of organism biology from health to disease.
The winner will be awarded 1000 € during EuPA 2010 Meeting.


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